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Adam Wainwright was masterful in his 2-hit shutout against the Nats - April 17, 2014
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name: Caro

age: 24

birthday: Sept 13


single or taken: Uh. Single I guess?

height: 4’11”

eye color: green

middle name: Suzanne

favorite color: I have no idea? I really like red and pink and orange and green and black. Depends on my mood I guess

lucky number: 13


hogwarts house [x]: Ravenclaw

favorite television show: Baseball. Specifically, Cardinals baseball. It counts shut up.

favorite season: Fall

describe yourself in a few words: Not a total disaster, but not far off.

future children’s names: Don’t like people children. Will probably name future animal child Waino.

meaning of your name: Feminine. Really.  

ultimate otp: not fair. I multiship everything.

What do you plan to/do for a living:  Not what I’m currently doing. 


introvert or extrovert: introvert

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or lefty:  righty

coffee or tea: diet pepsi. or mocha. i hate tea and dislike plain coffee

rain or shine: rain, especially in the summer, and ESPECIALLY if I can just stay inside and not get wet.

reading or writing: both, though writing probably over reading.


Okay I know the time frame totally doesn’t work but- Imagine Draco Malfoy getting all puffed up and arrogant and starting to say “I don’t think my father-” and Harry slyly interjecting “-the inventor of toaster strudel-” “-would be too happy to-” and then stopping in confusion when Harry, Hermione, and every other Muggleborn in earshot start practically crying with laughter.

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6



funny that men mock women going everywhere in groups

but we’re not supposed to go out alone otherwise we might be blamed for our own rape, our own murder. 

-mic drop-

"But confusingly, misogynists are sometimes men who speak softly and eat vegan and say “a woman’s sexual freedom is an essential component to her liberation. So come here.” It’s a tricky world out there. And while I’d prefer a critical approach to gender from men I elect, read and even bed, in my experience, the so-called feminist men I’ve met deep down have not been less antagonistic or bigoted toward women. What I see over and over again is misogyny in sheep’s clothing, and at this point, I would rather see wolves as wolves."


Once upon a time Matt and Chip made a beautiful cover for the 4th printing of issue #1 of Sex Criminals. This beautiful cover captured the imagination of brimpers everywhere, including myself and my lovely coworker Heather (@girlblunders). The situation has since escalated nicely.

Welcome to Brimpception!

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